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RoseClear Ultra Concentrate 200ml

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Product Description



RoseClear Ultra Concentrate is a new generation dual systemic insecticide and fungicide. It is used to control pests and fungal diseases on roses and other flowering plants. It treats and prevents further outbreaks of common fungal infections including blackspot, rust and powdery mildew. Pests including aphids are killed both on contact and systemically preventing further attacks for up to 4 weeks. This 200ml bottle of concentrate makes 10 litres of spray.

  • 3 In 1 Action
  • Kills aphids (greenfly, whitefly, blackfly) within 24 hours
  • Controls fungal infections and fights existing infections of blackspot, rust and powdery mildew
  • Prevents further attacks due to systemic action
  • 200ml Concentrate which makes 10 litres of spray
  • Apply using a suitable sprayer
  • Always follow product instructions when using this product


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