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 Spring Gardening Tips

2020/2021 proved to be very challenging years for all of society. It made many people realise that their garden was their sanctuary and sparked a revival of the importance of our green spaces. For many it rekindled an interest in gardening. For others it started a new journey in the hobby of growing and caring for plants. As we enter into 2022, with hope for better things to come, our gardens are more important than ever. We step forward with renewed enthusiasm and a greater realisation of the benefits of gardening, for our mental health and physical well being.

After a long Winter, finally Spring arrives as it does every year. The garden awakens from it's slumber and brings with it new life and inspiration for us gardeners. Spring kickstarts the new gardening season and brings with it lots of jobs to be done. We here at Tullyvin Garden Centre hope to inspire and help you gain the most from your garden. We have compiled a few tips for Spring gardening to guide you through this season.

Spring - In The Veg Garden

  • Soil preparation and nutrient replacement is key for sucessful Grow Your Own projects. Endeavor to use organic fertilisers and soil tonics like our Organic Chicken Manure Pellets or Soil Renew for best results. It is best not to add extra nutrients to areas where you intend to grow root vegetables eg carrots.
  • Plan for what seeds you require for the season ahead and stock up. Check out our Grow Your Own Section
  • Choose your Early Seed Potatoes & Maincrop Seed Potatoes and allow them to 'Chit' (sprout) prior to planting. If you are a novice it may be best to try Early Seed Potatoes or Blight Resistant varieties to avoid blight problems during the summer. Please check out our seed potato varieties for detailed planting guides.
  • Plant your Onion Sets & Shallots for early crops. Please check out our onion sets for detailed planting guides.
  • Plant your veg seeds in Seed Trays indoors for early germination.  Once frosts have  passed they can be transplanted outdoors. Alternatively seeds can be sown directly into the soil  once frosts have passed.
  • Spring is a great time to plant Herbs in pots or beds for use throughout the year.
  • Keep detailed notes of what you have planted and where......Trust us this will be invaluable information as the season goes on.
  • After planting be aware of pest & diseases and act appropriately. Use Organic products if possible.

​Spring Lawncare

  • After a long wet winter Moss in your lawn will probably be a issue. Use our Lawn Zero to solve this problem. This is a liquid treatment that is fast acting and has proven to be one of the best products available on the market.
  • Improve drainage and aerate the lawn by forking or hiring a spiker. This will result in healthier growth and stronger roots leading to a better sward.
  • Treat perennial weeds with Dicophar selective weedkiller. This will kill the weeds but not the grass.
  • Re-sow bare patches of the lawn now. Use Green Velvet Lawn Seed.
  • Fertilise your lawn with a high Nitrogen fertiliser to green it up.

Wildflower Meadows

  • Spring is the ideal time to sow Wildflowers. Not only will they provide you with amazing colour but will also create a fantastic habitat for bees, butterflies and other pollinating insects.
  • To sow you must prepare the soil as if you were sowing lawn seed.
  • Even sowing small patches around your garden will help wildlife and dazzle you with colour.
  • Wildflower areas are a great low maintenance solution for difficult to maintain areas eg steep banks

Summer Flowering Bulbs

  • Plant Summer Flowering Bulbs now in pots or in the garden for amazing displays during the Summer months into Autumn. Be mindful of late Spring frosts as they grow and cover if necessary.
  • As they grow, taller flowers may require staking with Bamboo Canes for support. 

Shrubs & Herbaceous Perennials

  • Mid to Late Spring provides us with the best selection of Shrubs & Flowering Perennials available to purchase.
  • When creating new beds and borders use a selection of plants that will give year-round interest and colour. 
  • Plant Herbaceous borders to create amazing displays of colour and also to attract bees and butterflies.